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Your Video Budget Solution

Price is usually the first thing people ask about and the last thing a lot of video agencies will tell you.

Not at Dean Group Media.

You need video. We have a price to fit your budget.

Dean Group Media evolved out of my passion for telling great stories as an Emmy winning TV journalist.

That means for this service I don't script ahead of time. I approach your story just like a journalist. I talk with you about your business and goals, we shoot interviews and support video ("b-roll") and I craft your story from there. No preconceived notions other than the goals we discussed before "the shoot."

Your story will be real. Genuine. Believable. Not "salesy," but it will convert.

Individual or Micro Business $500

“Signature” Video

Clients and prospects meet you in person with a link to this 30 second video from your email signature, home page or social media. Your 24/7 elevator speech!

1 – We shoot your 30-second “elevator” style spiel about you or your  business. We’ll give you some coaching ahead of time on the phone and during the shoot.


2 – We shoot one or two shots to establish your business. It could be an exterior of your building, interior of your office, or you at work.


3 – We edit your signature video “best take” and cover scene and put it online for you to link to, and give you the digital file to use on your own website.

Invest an hour. Get a video!

Small Business $1,000

3-Step 1 Minute Marketing Video

We'll produce a one minute video featuring you, your business or a product or service. We need about an hour of your time at your business.

1 - We do a single on-camera interview with someone from your company. This takes about 15 minutes. We ask 3-4 questions.


2 - We spend half an hour or so shooting a few scenes of your business.


3 - Your interview is edited into a story. Cover video and background music are added plus a “Call to Action”


Invest about 90 minutes. Get a video!

Starting at $4,000

Full Service Storytelling

All of our storytelling skill and experience in a 2 to 4 minute video about your company or organization.

1 - We discuss your video's goals and objectives.

2 - We do several interviews with staff and/or clients

3 - We shoot lots of cover video ("b-roll") of your operation, products, etc. to go with the interviews.

4 - We create a script from the interviews for you to review

5 - We edit with music, on-screen text and other effects and put online for you to review.

Prices start at $4,000. Typically, they average around $5000 - $7000

Complexity and days of video shooting are the major cost factors

Pricing and offers good for Phoenix and Central Arizona only.

Any pricing or other offers that appear on this page are for single-client projects where we work directly with the end-user. 

Agency, 3rd party and similar providers should contact us with specifics for an estimate and scope of work.

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