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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health clients can utilize video effectively, Perhaps, more effectively than any other industry. But special care must be taken. These videos illustrate that power.

Some days you can't get out of bed

Grand Avenue Club

Interviews conducted by Emmy winning talent tell a powerful story about clients of Milwaukee's Grand Avenue Club.  This is the poignant opening of their story.

One in every five people . . .

Grand Avenue Club

Four every four Americans with normal lives, there is someone out there whose life is anything but normal.


Way of the Willow

Therapists can explain what they do. But only their clients an tell the stories of how their lives have been impacted by counselors who understand, and know how what they are doing.

A note from the creator of these videos

Dean Group Media evolved out of my passion for telling great stories as an Emmy winning TV journalist.

These videos were not scripted ahead of time. Rather, I approached the story like a journalist I am. We talk about your organization and goals, we shoot interviews and support video ("b-roll") and I craft your story from there. No preconceived notions other than the goals we discussed before "the shoot."

Your story will be real. Genuine. Believable. Not "salesy," but it will help you accomplish your objectives.

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